Bert Delapierre (°1976, Diest, Belgium) moved from Diest to Ghent for his master's degree in painting at KASK. Soon he decides to focus exclusively on portrait art. 

Under the watchful eye of his teacher and mentor Marc Maet, he steadily expands his oeuvre. His style is affected by otherworldly artists as Otto Dix, George Grosz, Max Beckmann, …

In 2000 Bert Delapierre graduates with honours and wins the Pippijnprijs. Unfortunately this parting from KASK was overshadowed by the passing of Marc Maet, who became a good friend during the course of his studies. Maet, also the supervisor of his graduation project, committed suicide on the exact day of Delapierre's jury presentation.

Shocked by Marc's sudden death, the young artist decides to lay down his brushes. He subsequently starts working as a bartender at Pink Flamingo's, a bar in the historic centre of Ghent. The building turns out to be the property of the artist Kamagurka, who lives above the bar.
Kamagurka and Delapierre become friends and asks Bert — about one year later — for his assistance, since Kamagurka was at that time increasingly focussing on painting. 

Almost two decades later; Delapierre now comes out with his own artworks. For this series he uses friends and family as models. He locates them in an undefined, often dreamy environment. The portraits gain a mildly surreal and alienating atmosphere by their pose and/or by adding attributes.